The multidisciplinary approach taken by our group has proven effective for industrial and commercial application, producing results that are applicable to society’s needs. This approach is perfectly aligned with Horizon2020’s goals for innovation, and turning research output into economic growth within the EU. The main strategic knowledge and technology transferred to market are represented with the company LIPINUTRAGEN located in Bologna and born as a spin-off of Chatgilialoglu & Ferreri’s research in lipidomics, officially recognized by the CNR (approval #101 July 13, 2005 from the CNR Board of Directors).
It is the first company to develop NUTRILIPIDOMICS, an innovative approach linking membrane-based diagnostics to nutraceuticals and nutrition for a personalized strategy in health care.


The logo of the company contains the concept of CELL MEMBRANE BALANCE, a milestone of molecular medicine, which stated that: “HEALTH BEGINS FROM THE CELL HEALTH”.
From CNR research into membrane stress, signaling and remodeling processes connected with metabolic and environmental conditions (see MEMBRANE LIPIDOMICS), it was envisaged that the membrane of the mature red blood cells (RBC) can be used as reporter of the metabolic and nutritional status of individuals. The CNR research developed the knowledge in lipidomics and Lipinutragen R&D developed the robotics (TECAN) for the cell selection and work-up of RBC membranes, which is an exclusivity of the company.  

The Company has two types of lipidomic analysis on the market  (Fat Profile and fatpharmacy) and has a section dedicated to innovative nutraceuticals and nutrition targeted to cell membrane. It has an R&D&I section, a Lipidomic Laboratory authorized by the Health Ministry and offices for a total of 12 employees.

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Recent Publications:

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