Dr Anna Sansone
Anna Sansone graduated  in Pharmacy at Sapienza University in Rome (2004) where she also received her Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Science, medicinal chemistry field (2008). After some collaboration grants, in 2011 she got the permanent position as researcher at ISOF-CNR joining the group of Dr. Chryssostomos Chatgilialoglu and Dr. Carla Ferreri. Her main skills are focused on: radical mechanism damage of lipids and proteins from chemical aspect to biological involvement in life sciences, development of proteo-liposomes for radical mechanism discovery of bioactive molecules and  antioxidant activities,  development  of  analytical methodologies for lipidomic applications and biomarker identification, fatty acids based nutraceuticals characterization; synthesis, characterization and evaluation of bioactive molecules. She is lab tutor for post-doc and Ph.D students and supervisor for master students and students of erasmus projects; she was committee member for international Ph.D examination and grants and organizing committee member for healthy courses.  Author/co-author of 30 papers and one chapter in a book.