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Dr Carla Ferreri

Laurea degree in Medicinal Chemistry and a post-graduate specialty in Hospital Pharmacy, started working in the field of organic synthesis joining in 1983 the group of Prof. E. Wenkert at the University of San Diego, California. In 1984 she was appointed as permanent staff (researcher; assistant professor) in the Organic and Biological Chemistry Department at the University of Napoli until 2001, when she moved to the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Bologna. At present, she is Senior Researcher at ISOF, CNR, Bologna leading the research group BioFreeRadicals. Her present research interests are in the field of free radical chemistry, biomimetic chemistry of stress conditions affecting the main biological molecules (lipids, DNA, proteins), membrane lipidomics, biomarker discovery and novel nanotechnology development with application in life sciences, nutrition and molecular medicine. She is responsible of the CNR research project on lipidomics and nutraceuticals, founder of two spin-off companies in Italy and Greece, consultant for AZTI, a Spanish organization in the TechnoPark of Bilbao on nutra-innovation, and author of more than 150 papers, 2 books and 3 patents.